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Prof. Yehoshafat Shafee Give'on

School of Multi-Disciplinary Studies, Beit Berl College, Israel

Welcome to my site "Applied Informatics". It is dedicated to the idea that Informatics can and should be applied, in order to derive various logical conditions for a useful use of the instruments derived, designed and constructed in Informatics. Applied Informatics should not be restricted to tips and anecdotes on how to use software, but to consist of principles that govern a sensible use of software.

This site exhibits my personal bias towards Education, but its contents are general enough to cover a broad range of user domains. That is the nature of some theoretical principles. They are often more useful than hundreds of concrete anecdotes.

The principles of Applied Informatics that can be found in my various articles, are derived from an actual application of Theoretical Imformatics (i.e., Theoretical Computer Science) following the simple, but brilliant concept of an application of a theory that was defined by Richard P. Feynman in his famous Lectures on Physics and reproduced in "Six Easy Pieces". This is a novel approach to Applied Informatics which yields sufficient foundations for it as an academic discipline.

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Applied Informatics, Computer Science Education, Operational Literacy, Educational Informatics (with Dr. Esther Benzaquen), Education, Technology and Cultural Issues.

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